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Hanabi Technologies Services: Empowering Your DigitalJourney

Hanabi is a leading software agency that specializes in cutting-edge technology solutions. Explore our services and let's ignite creativity together.

In today's rapidly evolving digital landscape, aligning your business with a partner that understands your vision and can transform it into a tangible digital solution is crucial. Enter Hanabi Technologies. With our unwavering commitment to code excellence, we don't just develop software; we empower innovation.

The Hanabi Ethos: Setting the Stage

At the heart of Hanabi Technologies lies a mission that is simple, yet profound. We harness the versatile powers of JavaScript and TypeScript to create digital solutions that don't just meet the industry standards but set new ones. Our commitment is to provide our clientele with innovative, high-performing, and secure software, all while maintaining an unparalleled standard of service, transparency, and professional integrity.

Our vision is a testament to our forward-thinking approach. We see a future where our technology solutions play a pivotal role in the transformation and success of our clients' ventures. We don't just aim to navigate the digital space; we aim to redefine it.

Services Beyond Excellence

Mobile Apps with React Native

Step into the world of cross-platform, high-performance mobile apps, crafted meticulously with seamless performance at the forefront.

Web Apps with React & Angular

Experience the fusion of scalability, robustness, and interactivity as we tailor-make web applications just for your business needs.

Desktop Dominance with Electron JS

Across all operating systems, our desktop apps stand out for their efficiency, power, and user-friendliness.

Web Presence with Next JS

Drive conversions and business growth with our captivating websites and landing pages, optimized for performance.

Backend Brilliance

Stability, security, and scalability define our backend solutions, underpinned by the strengths of Nest JS, Express, and Node.

Database Mastery with MySQL & MongoDB

Entrust us with your data, and watch us craft secure, efficient, and accessible database solutions.

Design that Speaks

Through Figma and Adobe Illustrator, our UI/UX solutions weave engaging, intuitive digital stories that resonate.

Branding & Marketing with Impact

Let your brand soar with our striking branding and marketing assets.

The Future of Digital Solutions

Our foray into the realms of GPT-3 and GPT-4 customizations sets us apart, allowing us to provide advanced AI solutions that complement our core offerings. With Hanabi, businesses aren't just prepared for the future; they shape it.

Our Unyielding Commitment to Quality

Our approach is anchored in:

  • Stringent Coding Standards: Adherence to the Airbnb JavaScript/TypeScript style guide is just the beginning. Our rigorous PR review process and regular testing ensure that the code we deliver is nothing short of excellence.
  • Best of the Best Practices: With tools like Jira, Figma, and GitHub, and robust CI/CD practices, we maintain a gold standard in our operations.
  • Agile, Adaptive, and Efficient: Our project management approach combines the efficiency of Agile with the flexibility to pivot as per project demands.

Why Hanabi Should Be Your First Choice

Our offerings extend beyond development:

  • Post-Development Assurance: Enjoy a free 1-year maintenance period post-development.
  • Transparent Billing: No hidden management costs; you're billed only for development and design.
  • High Availability & Dedicated POC: We're here when you need us, with a dedicated technical Point Of Contact just for you.
  • Ownership & Flexibility: With flexible payment options, bulk payment after project completion, and full ownership transfer of source code, we ensure a hassle-free partnership.

Client Testimonials

"My experiences with Hanabi are extremely positive. Despite the time shift of 6 hours, the exchange of information works excellently. The project ideas mentioned are captured very quickly and implemented competently and professionally. Hanabi project ideas are also built in quickly and inspiratively. All employees work together very well. You can feel the very good teamwork in the company. I can only praise and recommend Hanabi."



Ready to embark on a transformative digital journey? Reach out to us at insert email or phone number. Stay updated with our latest feats on our social media handles insert handles. At Hanabi Technologies, we're more than just a service provider. We're your partners in navigating the digital future. Let’s shape it together.